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7 November 2013

Project Compass

Compass is a powerful set of online tools for you to manage your Scouting administrative activities in one place. It can share access to that information with relevant Scouting colleagues and offer a high level of data security. The system streamlines many tasks currently performed to manage Scouting so you spend less time on administration.

Tasks supported by the system include awarding and maintaining badges/awards, producing reports and distribution lists using member data including completing the national Scout census, assigning roles and managing young people and adults leaving, joining or transferring, managing training and events, issuing/renewing permits and vetting checks, creating, closing  or merging Sections and Groups.

It will be the only online system provided by The Scout Association and will be free of charge to its users.

The whole Association is in the process of preparing to transfer to Compass – we expect to be able to start using the new system in the summer of 2014.

Getting Ready

British Scouting Overseas is well down the road on the preparations. Important steps are:

Each adult volunteer is urged to check – and update – their own details on

Every Group and District needs to check that all their adult volunteers are on the existing system and the details are correct (these records will be uploaded to Compass automatically)

Every Group and Unit needs to check that the basic data on all our youth members is correct and up to date so that it can be uploaded to Compass

Detailed guidance is being issued but don’t hesitate to ask us if there is anything that’s unclear.


David Bull, Area Secretary:

General information: